Leadership Coaching


Executive Coaching & Mentorship

For Leaders who want to show up strong & confident!


  • Understanding Strengths and Crafting Development Solutions
  • Confidence and Positioning Mindset Coaching
  • Leadership Tools
  • Sound-boarding and Filtration
  • Resilience Mindset Coaching

Career Development

The UnRedundatable You- TUY Paragraph



Next Level Leaders Program

Organizational Leadership Development Training 


  • Leadership Alignment
  • Leadership Team Dynamics
  • People Development and Training
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent and Performance Management
  • Conflict and Crisis Management
  • Mentorship and Coaching
  • Overall Team Experience and Engagement


Consulting & Advisory




Intuitive, Systemic, Strategic Talent Management advice & Cutting-edge Tools


  • Intuitive, systemic, strategic Talent Management advice & cutting-edge tools, practices, principles that results in long-view positioning & retention of key talent to serve the long-term vision
  • Provide Talent Management coaching and advice for all Talent Managers
  • Provides cutting edge, innovative talent management frameworks and models to support effective management of talent across the group
  • Conduct talent analysis using Talent+, Extended DISC and other approved Assessment tools to support Right Fit Right Role Strategic Initiative ®, IDP and PIP Processes
  • Prepare recommendations using talent analysis of teams using Talent+, Extended DISC and other approved tools to provide Team Profiles
  • Support the recruiting process by conducting telephone interviews and providing analyses based on the results of such interviews
  • Participate in panel interviews for Executive level & other critical roles on request and provide written summary of findings along with recommendations for next steps
  • Advice on Recruitment Process review & revision in line with global best practice industry standards



Cutting-edge, Innovative Culture Sustainability & Embedding Frameworks 


  • Cutting edge, innovative culture sustainability & embedding frameworks and models that sustains the full manifestation of your company’s vision
  • Develop Culture & People Development Processes or Sub-Processes such as Culture Fit Probation Assessment Process, to include maintenance and follow-up activities
  • Conduct Cultural Orientation for new recruits
  • Conduct quarterly Extended DISC Team Building Workshops
  • Provide Outcome Thinking Assessments and recommendations at training and development sessions
  • Continuous assessment and review to help identify gaps within the culture, provide strategic thinking support to build out relevant initiatives and embed targeted cultural behaviours and mindset
  • Continuous recommendation for enhancement of Cultural Processes, Practices & principles in line with global industry standards
  • Provides information on cutting edge, innovative cultural frameworks and models to support strategy and vision


  • Suggest revision to key operational processes that impacts the organization’s culture or brand
  • Suggest People Process improvement in response to gaps identified




Resilience Change Management, People & Culture Integration Plan, Practices & Principles


  • Resilience Change Management, People & Culture Integration Plan, Practices & Principles to support successful & seamless mergers & acquisition = WIN-WIN-WIN = unified, resilient organization/team
  • On the ground early people analysis of target company in M&As
  • People impact Assessment and Change Readiness
  • HR planning process
  • Internal Communication Oversight
  • People & Culture Integration Plan, Practices & Principles to support successful, seamless merging & onboarding of new TMs from M&As
  • Research & Provide best model frameworks to support people & culture integration process
  • Intuitive Assessment of the Organizational Atmosphere – visiting & interacting with key stakeholders
  • Position company ‘s perspective on Merger & Acquisition with the relevant stakeholders
  • Accelerated Employee Support Programs (The UnRedundantable You) This is applicable when roles are being made redundant or other strategic changes have resulted in job lossContent goes here

Resilience Conference Speaker



Our Work

My clients value my guidance and customized processes as they navigate people and change management challenges. My proven strategy has moved them from anxiety and confusion to stability, growth and strength. I am passionate about bringing my strengths to the field of Leadership & Talent Management and building Organizational Culture to add value and leave a positive impact.

What our clients are saying

That may sound like an exaggeration, but my life; both professionally and personally has changed since I met her. Diana interviewed me for a position in JMMB in Trinidad via Skype whilst I was still in Barbados. The interview itself was somewhat uneventful but one thing that stuck with me was Diana insisting that I relax, even encouraging me to turn the camera off and just be myself. Interviewers I’ve encountered seldom cared enough to do that; I noted that. Read more

Michael Jordan

These sessions are more than just ‘orientation’ they feel somewhat spiritual. Set apart from the norm of telling new employees of the ‘how-to’ and the ‘what’ in the company these sessions surpass normal human experience. I’ve sat through my first day of this JMMB Experience session and it’s as if my spirit was fed, I was able to make a connection which made me understand the foundation upon which JMMB was built.

Diana I watched and listened as you… Read more

Chica Emery

Diana is a humble, down-to-earth Angel. A Strong, resilient woman. A loving, selfless servant.

Diana is DIVERGENT…Always DARING to be DIFFERENT!…She is always the one to FEARLESSLY say NO when everyone else is saying YES! Diana is a Being with Endless creativity – It seems there is no end to her creative gifts Read more

Leiseth Chambers

It is with sincere gratitude that I write to endorse you as a professional who has made a significant contribution to my own personal development and the development of our team members here at Sygnus.

First, we appreciate your help and support in crafting our values and your insistence in keeping us in line with abiding by those values. read more

Dionnie A. Headley