Here’s to Lady Di! (Confidante, Supporter, Advisor and Friend)

That may sound like an exaggeration, but my life; both professionally and personally has changed since I met her. Diana interviewed me for a position in JMMB in Trinidad via Skype whilst I was still in Barbados. The interview itself was somewhat uneventful but one thing that stuck with me was Diana insisting that I relax, even encouraging me to turn the camera off and just be myself. Interviewers I’ve encountered seldom cared enough to do that; I noted that.

I got the role and moved to Trinidad to begin. This was a HUGE deal for me, as I left family and friends behind; and I didn’t know anyone in Trinidad. From the time I arrived til now some 3 years later, Diana has been a confidant, supporter, advisor and most of all friend. She has been counsel for personal and professional decisions alike, using her own brand of tough love which pulls no punches but leaves no bruises.

She has changed my life because my entire professional trajectory and mind-space has been elevated, due in part to her advice and motivation. She is there for myself and countless others whenever we need her and never wavers in her radiant disposition.

Diana is one of the strongest women I have ever met and I consider myself blessed to be able to call her friend. Here’s to lady Di!

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan