The Gift of Diana

Diana is a humble, down-to-earth Angel. A Strong, resilient woman. A loving, selfless servant.

Diana is DIVERGENT…Always DARING to be DIFFERENT!…She is always the one to FEARLESSLY say NO when everyone else is saying YES!

Diana is a Being with Endless creativity – It seems there is no end to her creative gifts. Every time you see her work of art and thinks “this is the most creative thing I’ve ever seen”, out of her toolkit comes another breath-taking, innovative idea. She has inspired me to believe that there is endless potential in a human being. This quote from Myles Munroe reminds me of Diana… “Once potential is used up, purpose is birthed and more potential becomes available in a human being”. I’ve seen this manifested through Diana multiple times. I’ve always told her that the name of her company “Much More Development” epitomizes who she is as she always, always, always has so “much more” to give.

Diana is true to her values and very committed to living life on purpose. She uses her gifts and her talents in her area of passion to serve others, always giving her support and time to a greater good. Her lifestyle of generosity is unheard of, as she freely gives her gifts to others. When the Creator was designing her, He deposited some gifts to be “given” to humanity and she has really lived true to this …I believe she takes this saying literally and so she liberally blesses others with her gifts of art, creativity, intuitive coaching etc expecting nothing in return.

She is very supportive and believes in in helping others to fulfil their dreams. There are countless times when Diana has partnered with me in realizing my dreams on the journey to purpose fulfillment. I will recount 2 such times:

I will never forget how she so ably delivered an inspirational Career Talk at the 1st ever Crossroads Career Workshop I planned for a group of Youths I mentored. Her intuition is a special gift given to her by the Creator and she used it to offer spirit-led guidance that really impacted the lives of these youths who have now grown up and are living purposeful lives.

Most recently, she unhesitatingly blessed another group of youths (in my mentorship program) as they returned to school by presenting them with her “inspiration-filled” notebooks. It was very exciting and encouraging for me as I realized how her notebook would serve as an embedding tool helping to cement and daily remind the youths of the values, behaviors, language and mindset we encourage them to practice throughout the purpose fulfillment program. Though the innovative idea is of extremely high worth, only a Being like Diana would have been willing to give it freely for the greater good of others.

I believe when God was designing her, He “jam-packed” her with gifts in abundance simply because He knew she would be a GOOD STEWARD and would live as a channel through which these gifts/blessings could freely flow to humanity.

I give God thanks daily for the GIFT OF DIANA!!!

This being the 8th year of her 2nd birth …I Declare a Season of New Beginnings!
“Isaiah 42:9 – See the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you!”

Love and appreciate her dearly!!!

Leiseth Chambers