The JMMB Experience- More than just Orientation

These sessions are more than just ‘orientation’ they feel somewhat spiritual. Set apart from the norm of telling new employees of the ‘how-to’ and the ‘what’ in the company these sessions surpass normal human experience. I’ve sat through my first day of this JMMB Experience session and it’s as if my spirit was fed, I was able to make a connection which made me understand the foundation upon which JMMB was built.

Diana I watched and listened as you shared the company’s journey and realized it emanated from deep within. It almost seem as though you give the audience a ‘piece’ of you. After such a session I’m sure you need to reset and recharge.

One of the principles the session highlighted is the need to be bold so I’m going to be bold and recommend these sessions not be called simply orientation because they are more than that. It’s spiritual, it’s transcendent, it’s the JMMB Experience.

Chica Emery