Hi Diana,

It is with sincere gratitude that I write to endorse you as a professional who has made a significant contribution to my own personal development and the development of our team members here at Sygnus.

First, we appreciate your help and support in crafting our values and your insistence in keeping us in line with abiding by those values.

Secondly, your professionalism and integrity is stellar. Your valuable insights and input in helping us to build an enduringly positive corporate culture has been remarkable.

Thirdly, I have personally benefited from your unique style as a People specialist in handling a myriad of people issues and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for that help and support. You have been there for our people in their most dire time of need and has served as a comforting shoulder to most of us.

It is my privilege to endorse you for anything you put your mind to and I am happy to be a reference for you if the need arises.

We thank you for your valuable assistance and your commitment!

Warm regards,

Dionnie A. Headley